What is polo shirt?

Polo shirt is a type of shirt that has a collar and a placket neckline with two or three buttons. Sometimes it includes pockets but not always as it is optional. Previously, polo shirts were a formal piece of sports uniform but nowadays, it has become ubiquitous, preppy sportswear and common apparel.

The Polo shirt is a simple but timeless piece of clothing, some of the prevalent styles including classic cotton polo shirt, long-sleeved or short-sleeved polo shirt, etc dominate the fashion market around the world. In comparison with T-shirt, design is the main difference between polo shirt and tee shirt. While polo shirts typically have a collar and placket with two or three buttons beneath the collar, most t-shirts are collarless. Polo shirt is a classier alternative to the traditional T-shirt which you can wear on any occasion.

How was the polo shirt invented?

The idea of the primary polo shirt derived from Manipur ( a state in Northeast India) in the 19th century. History of polo shirt accompanied with two glorious game sports including tennis and polo. Previously, polo shirt features did not look similar to those of today.

Originally, the polo shirt whose characteristics are the same as the current day was designed for tennis by René Lacoste and wore for the first time in the 1926 U.S. Open Championship that is known as a revolution from the restriction of “ tennis whites”. After retiring, he began producing and marketing in a mass sale of this type of shirt for tennis.

It was not until 1933 that the polo shirt we know today was officially produced and got its visible branding on the outside of the garments.

Since 1952, polo shirts have been worn by golfers from the U.S to other countries and other continents due to the release of the picture of President Dwight Eisenhower wearing a Lacoste polo shirt on the golf course.

From that, polo shirts have been welcomed worldwide in societies for their convenience and adaptability to any occasion.

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How to choose the right polo shirt for you?

Material considering

100% Cotton

Normally, polos made from this fabric are the most expensive because of their moisture-wicking, breathable, classic looking. Yet, they may experience some color-fading, shrinking, or stretching over time. The cotton polo is a classic choice for business casual apparel.


This blending material is an ideal choice for polo because it has the softness and breathability of cotton as well as the ease of care of polyester. Sometimes, poly/cotton polos can look less professional than cotton garments but indeed it doesn’t matter. They can be used as corporate apparel or school uniforms.


This material is ideal for athletes because its production relies on the principles of athletic wear in mind. They are often blended with polyester and other light fabrics such as spandex. In addition, they may contain UV and silver for sweat-wicking and stain-resistant. Polos made from this material are suitable for someone who is physically active or outdoors.

100% Poly

It is believed that 100% poly polos are the most cost-effective, and durable choice for polos. As a result, this kind of polo is usually used in any industry with heavy wash and wear uniforms including kitchens, factories, or deliveries.

Price options

An average price for a polo shirt is approximately $15 but if you have any specific requirement on your item, a strange design or printing is an example, you sometimes have to pay more, around $30. Normally, a luxury fashion item can cost up to $200. Expenditure is always a controversial issue as there are so many different arguments for that. Here is a thing: Your spending relies on your wealth and prosperity and your purchasing attitude belongs to you.

Standard sizes

The website ralphlauren.com has updated the standard sizes for shirts based on genders( male/female), ages ( kids, adults), and styles ( including casual shirts, sports shirts, etc), you can take it as a reference when you choose a polo shirt. On the other hand, you can check the standard size on Printerval.com at the description of the product. It provides you with all standard sizes measured through inches and centimeters.

By inches:

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
XS 25.5 36 16 26
S 26 40 17 26
M 28 44 18 27
L 28 48 19 27
XL 30 52 20 28
2XL 30 56 21 28
3XL 31 60 22 28
4XL 32 64 24 28
5XL 33 68 25 29

By centimeters:

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
XS 65 92 41 67
S 67 102 44 67
M 72 112 46 69
L 72 122 49 69
XL 77 133 51 72
2XL 77 143 54 72
3XL 79 153 56 72
4XL 82 163 61 72
5XL 84 173 64 74

Famous polo shirt brands

Some of the well-known polo shirt brands you need to know to include Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Uniqlo, Fred Perry, Sunspel, Orlebar Brown, etc.

How much does a polo shirt cost?

When it comes to price, a polo shirt can range in price from a mere $10 or less normally. However, it can be up to $1500 per item, a polo shirt from the Brioni brand is an example. There is no standard price for this kind of apparel because the price varies based on different factors. Some of them are brand name, purpose ( for golf or daily wearing), material, and fashion trends. The important thing here is you feel the price is suitable, it will be reasonable. For example, if you have a passion for a luxury fashion brand, you make every effort to get the item from that brand. Nothing can hinder you from purchasing, even your limited income.

How to wear polo shirt?

Wearing guideline

You put polo shirt on every day but have you ever wondered whether that is the right way to wear it? Be calm! I will give you some interesting tips for that. First of all, keeping the top buttons done up is an easy way to create a polished ensemble. A perfect polo certainly should not be too tight or too loose, it can give you not only good-looking fashion but comfort also. For formal and special events it is best to tuck the polo shirt into your pants. In addition, you can dress a polo shirt up or down by adding a blazer to your ensemble.

Mixing guidelines at any occasions

Polo shirts are an ideal fashion item for casual attire. Normally, on these occasions, It will be great if you pair this type of shirt with jeans, sweatpants, or shorts. You can also take some complimentary items such as shoe styles including loafers, sneakers, boat shoes.

How about a business working day or a date or a formal appointment? You can totally mix polo with blazers, chinos, or trousers. It is a great idea, it helps you look polite, neat and outlooking.


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